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Expert Assessment

You will receive from us an opinion on the evaluation company, the enterprise.

Process Consultation

Consultation of your employees on improvement of production efficiency, training of teamwork, generation of the newest strategies, increase of formality.

Scope Of Work

Сarrying out of separate blocks of work by specialists of our company (on business planning, design, analysis and optimization of assortment, development of standards and regulatory documentation, merchandising, etc.)

Types of Negotiations

Types of negotiations: tough, soft, compromise and partnership. Benefits of Win-Win strategist.

Independent View

We will draw an independent conclusion on your organization

Strategy and Tactics for Negotiating

Observing the development of a conflict from the outside, one can always notice that both participants are to some extent to blame for the quarrel.

More Info
Additional info:
The customer base for many modern enterprises has become almost the main indicator of business efficiency. Indeed, to sell products, it is necessary to find buyers, and the more they are, the higher the revenue. The term "capitalization" usually refers to an increase in the value of a company in monetary terms. In the case of a client base, the term "capitalisation" means the formation of its cost estimate commensurate with the impact on the financial performance of the enterprise. The natural desire of entrepreneurs is to protect their client base from unauthorized distribution and increase its value, so the task of "capitalizing the client base" becomes very urgent.
As a result, a business process chain is created, which includes:
  • organization of accounting for ongoing developments (material and labour costs);
  • authorship determination;
  • identifying the results of intellectual activity that meet the requirements for intangible assets;
  • defining and refining the useful life of intangible assets;
  • use of intangible assets in production activities;
  • checking the production relevance and economic value of intangible assets;
  • ensuring the safety of documents and information that contain intangible assets, as well as the confidentiality of information.