Saturday, September 26th.  Check-in at 9:15am and the conversations start at 9:30am.  Action Workshops will conclude at 12:30 pm.  Based on feedback from The Mentoring Project's 2014 conference, we are offering a Saturday post conference Action Workshop as an experiment.  The Action Workshop will be held if we have 40 or more registrations.  The Mentoring Project will facilitate a guided discussion, and provide additional resources, that correspond with each speakers talk. Participants will be seated by geographic region and tasked with determining action steps for their regional area.  The Action Workshop is a great opportunity for folks to make alliances across industry, municipal and community involvement spheres.  Geographically focused action steps will be submitted to The Mentoring Project staff and The Mentoring Project will follow up with a quarterly coaching call for each region for one year.  

Location TBD