DON'T BUY THE TIE is The Mentoring Project's annual fundraiser and advocacy campaign to shine the spotlight on kids who need a champion.  Many of you have a great dad to honor on Father's Day.  But, for over 25 million young people, they don't have a relationship to celebrate on Father's Day.  Father's Day is a rough day for these kids who feel like they are missing out on something big with a dad they don't really know.  

We designed Don't Buy the Tie so that friends can honor their dad or mentor in a new way... social media advocacy and online donations help The Mentoring Project recruit, train and match mentors. Dad still gets a rad gift and he avoids getting something he doesn't actually need, like ANOTHER tie.  

Get involved!  Donate today to line up an incredible gift for your dad or mentor.  Tweet, post, text, update, download - involve your people.  Use #dontbuythetie to get people HERE, to the page that allows them to donate to this once-a-year, change a life campaign.