LONG LIVE MENTORING // Carey Casey // Storyteller Spotlight

Why We Love Carey Casey:  First, Carey has lead a fascinating life - in high school, Carey played in the 1971 Virginia State Championship football game -- the game later dramatized in the award-winning movie, Remember the Titans. Carey is still friends with former Titans coach Herman Boone and many of the people portrayed in the movie.  His career has also included serving as chaplain at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys under Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry, and chaplain for the Kansas City Chiefs. He continues to speak on life issues for numerous professional and college sports teams across America.

Second, Carey has always been a champion of strengthening the community.  Carey served for five years as co-pastor of Lawndale Community Church -- the inner-city church in Chicago’s west side recognized by the George H. W. Bush Points of Light Foundation. At Lawndale, Carey helped empower the community with health care, housing, education and economic growth.  Carey Casey is now the CEO of the National Center for Fathering, has earned a reputation as a dynamic communicator, especially on the topic of men being good fathers. He’s known as a compassionate ambassador, particularly within the American sports community.  Carey is the author of Championship Fathering and other seminal books on strengthening family networks.

The Mentoring Project has admired Carey for a long time.  We experienced his power in front of the microphone and behind the scenes as Carey and John Sowers served together on the White House Task Force on Fatherhood and Healthy Families. Carey also serves as a member of the executive committee of the National Fatherhood Leaders Group, which promotes responsible fatherhood policy, research, advocacy and practice. In June of 2012, Carey was selected as a Fatherhood Champion of Change, as part of President Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative, honoring those individuals shaping the fatherhood field and fathers themselves through their diligent work as “Fatherhood Champions of Change.”

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*SPEAKER CONNECTION - Carey Casey is a mentor to another Long Live Mentoring speaker, Shaun Alexander.  Casey mentored Alexander as he transitioned out of the NFL.  Carey Casey has helped a vast number of football players transfer from success on the field to success in other arenas.  Shaun Alexander and Carey Casey will appear together at Long Live Mentoring to talk about their mentoring relationship.  This is a do-not-miss insider ticket to the NFL.  Register now to join the conversation between Shaun Alexander and Carey Casey at Long Live Mentoring 2014.