#MentorToolkit - The Mentoring Project Product Spotlight

The Mentoring Project (TMProject) exists to rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring. We recruit and train mentors to show up for fatherless and at-risk kids via our live REWRITE Mentor Training Experience in communities across the globe. TMProject also functions as a community-based mentoring program in Oklahoma City.

Over the years we have come to realize there are several individuals and groups that share our heart for the fatherless generation, and they want to make a difference. For those outside of our immediate live training experiences and programming opportunities we have created the #TMProjectMentorToolkit.  

The #MentorToolkit is designed to make you a great mentor. Our Mentor Toolkit has been used in over 400 communities all across the world, and it will equip you for your mentoring journey.

The kit is offered in two collections - individual and small group.

The individual Mentor Toolkit includes training materials designed for the mentor focused on making a difference in his community, whether being involved in a program or simply mentoring in a more organic fashion. With this toolkit you will learn all about the relational mentoring model we subscribe to, plus details on mentoring within specific contexts (i.e. foster care, literacy programs, urban core) and ongoing resources for your mentoring journey. 

The Mentoring Project's Individual Mentor Toolkit

The Mentoring Project's Individual Mentor Toolkit

The small group Mentor Toolkit includes expanded resources for the leader of an organization or small group. The books, training videos and promotional materials in this kit give a leader everything they need to launch or expand a mentoring effort in their community. It includes a comprehensive Operations Manual and Mentor Field Guides (qty 10), as well as a three mentor training videos, a copy of Dr. John Sowers book, Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story, a TMP t-shirt and other great resources. The group Toolkit is designed to be used as a one-hour video training or a three-week small group study.

Grab this toolkit to learn: 

  • The characteristics of a mentor

  • How to select leadership

  • Whether or not to partner and how to evaluate partners

  • How to recruit mentors

  • How to train mentors

  • Matching and sustaining mentors

The Mentoring Project's Group Toolkit

The Mentoring Project's Group Toolkit

Mentor Toolkit Testimonials: 

β€œThe toolkit has been really helpful for me. I utilize the book and the videos for training. We incorporate the material throughout our mentor training. I attended the PLACE conference a few years ago and that is when I realized that The Mentoring Project was high quality material.” Roger (Mentor Program Director)

"I am a high school social studies teacher & a head men's soccer coach at a small public school in rural Illinois. In both positions, but especially in my soccer role, I am concerned with being a positive role model, leader, mentor, and builder of great young men. I have so many young guys who are literally fatherless or de facto fatherless so your resources have done a wonderful job of equipping me & my coaching staff to love on and mentor these young guys as best as we possibly can." Jonathan (Mentor)

To view each version of The Mentoring Project's Mentor Toolkit along with a variety of other resources, please visit our website store. If you have questions about these resources you can reach out to us via advocate@thementoringproject.org

Long live mentoring!

Team TMProject