Mentor Advocate Spotlight: Jeremy Seick of World's Best Dad

We understand it is not feasible for everyone to commit to mentoring long term, but if you would like to get involved in this cause in some manner, there is good news. You can advocate creatively! Several TMProject advocates have chosen to participate in rewriting the story of fatherlessness through a variety of creative approaches. Some have chosen to financially support TMProject by donating royalties from book sales, board games sales and ticket sales. Others have rode their bicycles across the country to speak about the mission of The Mentoring Project. 

Which brings us to our feature story today: 

Jeremy Seick, founder of World's Best Dad, recently reached out to let us know he started a company centered around “Nostalgic Memorabilia for Today's Dad” The goal is to encourage dads with daily reminders of how vital their role is to their kids, family and ultimately society as a whole. He plans to do this through branded World's Best Dad memorabilia that draws from nostalgic items he grew up giving his dad, with a relevant spin. 


Here's the kicker, Jeremy wants to give 25% of the proceeds to the 25 MILLION kids that are growing up fatherless in the U.S., and he has selected The Mentoring Project as his first and main outlet for giving. 

Ultimately, Jeremy's passion is mentoring. He mentored kids from very rough backgrounds throughout his twenties and has seen first hand how valuable and life changing an experience relational mentoring can be.

Jeremy wants World's Best Dad to build a platform of awareness for those unaware of this fatherless epidemic within our culture. 

We are so grateful for Jeremy's heart for mentoring and for his efforts through World's Best Dad. And speaking of dad's, Father's Day is right around the corner. You are going to want to check out some of the rad gear he sells - HERE! Use promo code TMPROJECT at checkout to get 10% off your entire order

Do you have a creative outlet for sharing your passion for mentoring? Let us know! We would love to walk alongside you in any way we can.