Brandon Heath - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

Join The Mentoring Project and Brandon Heath for an evening of starlight, acoustic music by Brandon and a chance to get the inside scoop on community initiatives brewing for The Mentoring Project. Our "Influencer's Dinner" is geared towards those who wish to point their influence or resources towards building communities where all kids can find their Place. 

Last year, we were honored to support Brandon's launch of his Paul Brown Petty song and campaign to champion kids who need a mentor. Brandon was blessed to have his grandfather build into his life. At The Mentoring Project, we want to introduce kids to a champion mentor who can help them walk toward their best future. 

Please join us for our rooftop "Influencer's Dinner" Wednesday night, September 23rd at #‎Place2015‬. Your only ‪chance to hear Brandon perform will be Wednesday night - this will be an evening to remember!

We love THIS SONG by Brandon about how mentoring changes things.