MARTIN NATURE PARK HIKE - #MENTORMOMENT August 2015 hosted by @TMProject + @ParksInFocus

This past weekend The Mentoring Project hosted a Mentor Moment at Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City in conjunction with Parks In Focus staff.

We dished out digital cameras to mentor + mentee pairs and Parks in Focus lead us on a guided hike through the very scenic property in North Oklahoma City.  

Participants learned photography hallmarks like perspective, focus and zoom along with a variety  of digital photography strategies.  The one thing we didn't need to discuss was "selfies"- these kids are already pros in that area.     

Every so often along the hike, we would pause for a short lesson.  In addition to new photography skills, we also learned about local wildlife and their natural habitat.  We finished the experience in the Nature Center where with a short presentation on some of the animals, including an opportunity to pet one of the snakes!

Mentors and mentees had a blast and several of them have expressed an interest in another outdoor adventure in the near future.  Pictures from each digital camera are currently being downloaded to CDs, and each mentor + mentee pair will eventually receive copies of their pictures once the process is complete (big thanks to Parks In Focus).  The kids are already begging to see their work!

We were also joined by Capturing Life Photography during the Mentor Moment, a small group of photographers that want to give back to their community by offering complimentary services and linking arms with local organizations.  Take a look at some of their fantastic pictures from the event HERE.

We'll have more pictures (that mentors and mentees captured) soon, so stay tuned on all our social media outlets - you can find us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.  

Have you and your mentee had a memorable outdoor adventure this summer?  Tell us all about it in the comments section below.