You have leadership burning inside of you - Place Conference Action Workshop will equip you to transform your community

You care about your community.  You want to create more opportunities for deserving kids.  You are connected with The Mentoring Project because these things are your heartbeat.

You need to be at Place Conference to focus your vision as you receive community building, relationship, mentoring and reconciliation ideas from luminaries like Bob Goff, Sister Rosemary, Dr. John Perkins, Rob Morris, Rosanna Tomiuk, John Sowers and Lt. Wayland Cubit and others bulldozing obstacles to create a safe Place for kids to rise.

Post Place Action Workshop - Saturday, September 26th - is the opportunity for you to shine.  Practitioners who are in the field everyday working to reinvent their communities will be giving brief presentations, weighty how-to lists and connecting with you in small groups to draw up an expert-influenced action plan for how you can impact your community.

At Post Place Action Workshop you will:  

  • Be equipped to lead your community by identifying opportunities to serve and methods to make your impact last
  • Connect to other participants in your geographic area to create powerful alliances
  • Receive action steps from those in the fields of mentoring and neighborhood transformation

You will learn: 

  • How to create positive connections among existing organizations in your community
  • Three guideposts to take an idea to reality in a simple and cost effective manner
  • Why your dreams tell you what your city needs
  • Four things you need to know to create an environment even the "hardest" kids will respond to
  • How to adapt The Mentoring Project's mentoring principles outside of North America (the leadership team from Ubuntu Youth is traveling all the way from Durban, South Africa to talk about the exciting leadership and mentoring growth they see from students)

Finally, The Mentoring Project will literally unpack its Mentor Toolkit so that you can learn from its authors how to use The Mentoring Project's curriculum to start or expand a mentoring effort in your community.

Later this week, Bruce and Kari will go LIVE on The Mentoring Project's Periscope account to answer all your questions about #Place2015.  Watch The Mentoring Project's (@TMProject) social media on Thursday to find out how you can join this live, streaming discussion about the participant experience at Place Conference 2015.

See you there!

Team TMProject