Help Your Mentee Celebrate Mom


This Sunday is Mother's Day.  Part of why we all started mentoring was to cheer on and support single moms doing the best they can with what they have.  Will you please take a moment to help your mentee honor his or her mom?  Help them make a special drawing, pick some wild flowers or give them a lift to the mall to pick out a small token of love.  Remind them Sunday is the day to make mom feel like an all-star.  Brainstorm some ideas of how to make Mother's Day different than every other day.  Maybe help with the dishes? Take out the trash? Mow the lawn?  Put the electronics down and have face-to-face time all day?

It feels good to make other people feel special.  Help your mentee feel good about honoring her mom.

Thanks for all you do to make this world better,
The Mentoring Project Team