Miss Mentoring - Mentor Spotlight on Savannah Jackson

“My platform is The Mentoring Project,” said Savannah Jackson. “I am working to provide mentorships to adolescent girls, while bringing awareness and trying to change the culture of Oklahoma to make mentoring something that we do more because it truly changes lives.” 

Savannah Jackson is impressive any way you try to measure "impressive."  We love that Savannah is one of our most committed mentors in Oklahoma City.  She is crazy smart, super energetic, charmingly kind and a loyal friend.  Savannah just graduated from Oklahoma City University and her next adventure is competing in the Miss Oklahoma Pageant.  

Savannah selected The Mentoring Project as her pageant platform.  For those of you not in the pageant loop, a contestant's platform is a social issue they are investing in to better their community.  If Savannah wins Miss Oklahoma, she will spend an entire year investing in events and programs that support The Mentoring Project and community mentoring in general.  Can we please give this girl a standing ovation for championing such a worthy cause?

Savannah became involved with The Mentoring Project after attending one of our REWRITE Mentor Training Events, hosted with our partner church LifeChurch.tv.  Savannah then continued to complete our local relational mentor training and we matched her with her adorable (and spunky!) mentee.

Savannah is blessed to have an inspiring and loving family - her mom, dad and siblings all work together to push forward the dreams of each family member.  Because of her supportive family and friend network, Savannah knows the power of being connected to a caring community.  Through research, neighborhood investment, mentoring and learning from mentor experts, Savannah believes that mentoring is the most transformative way to bring a community together to make massive change for its young people.  Savannah knows her stuff when it comes to mentoring - not only is she a mentor with The Mentoring Project, investing weekly in her relationship with her mentee, but she's done her homework.  Savannah knows that study after study shows that kids are more likely to succeed in school and be comfortable emotionally when a caring adult walks beside them.

We'll be glued to the Miss Oklahoma Pageant June 2-6.  Will you please join us in cheering on Savannah?  Savannah has her platform interview segment on Tuesday, June 2nd.  You can post your support for Savannah and her mentoring platform to The Mentoring Project's Facebook Page - Savannah will be inspired by your words of encouragement!  Let's help Savannah champion mentoring!