Mentee's Favorite Thing is "EVERYTHING" {Mentor Moment Video}

The Mentoring Project regularly presents Mentor Moments as an exciting opportunity to keep individual mentors connected to the wider mentoring community.  Mentor Moments are key to our mentor development programming.  Mentors who feel connected to something bigger than their individual efforts stay in their match significantly longer - ultimately benefiting kids and giving relationships a chance to grow.  

Each Mentor Moment is an opportunity for mentors to bring their mentees to a unique event fully hosted by The Mentoring Project.  We invite our own matched mentors as well as mentors from other community mentoring organizations that we support.  It's a way to put everyone on the same team!  We usually gather mentors from four to six organizations and watch friendships grow.

Watch the video below to see the highlights from our most recent #MentorMoment on the ice!  Our favorite quote comes at the end of the video - listen for the mentee who says his favorite thing to do with his mentor is "EVERYTHING."

Click the picture below to watch a quick Mentor Moment video - it will make your day!

If you use our Mentor Toolkit and lead a local mentoring effort, what are you doing to keep mentors connected and encouraged?  What tools are you using to create a sustainable mentoring community?  

Post your answer on Facebook or Twitter, or right here on The Mentoring Project's blog - use the hashtag #MentorMoment.

Want to know more about The Mentoring Project's Mentor Moments?  Check out our Mentor Moments page.