Small and MIGHTY

The Mentoring Project's donors are primarily small donors - individuals and families who believe in HOPE so much that they are willing to give $15 a month towards major impact.  We are proud of this crew.  Small donors are our people - grassroots visionaries who nod towards what can be.

The aggregation of our army of small donors has allowed The Mentoring Project to recruit and train more than 1.500 mentors in the past two years. We'd love to recruit and train more... will you please help us with a SMALL AND MIGHTY donation of your own? 

We have 25 amazing kids in south OKC who need a mentor before the end of the summer.  We need your help to recruit and train mentors for these high-potential kids.  If you could see the light in a child's eyes when they meet their caring mentor, you'd know how MIGHTY a SMALL donation can be.