The Mentoring Project at Oklahoma Christian University

Last week The Mentoring Project made a trip to Oklahoma Christian University encouraging students to remember those who have shown up in their lives, and to begin to look for ways to be available to those around them.  

John Sowers, TMProject lead, shared a few personal stories about friends and family who have impacted him over the years, including his mother who once stood toe-to-toe with former MLB pitcher Roger Clemens in order to retrieve a signed baseball for her son (read the rest of the story HERE). 

John's talk was inspirationally challenging, and toward the end of his time he charged the crowd with these questions - "Who are you pouring your life into?  Who are you showing up for?"

The college season is such a great time of life to begin to understand the influence of others and to start to carve out strategies for making an impact on the world.  It was apparent in a few of our interactions before and after chapel that these students are passionate about global and community care, and we're looking forward to working closely with these students.  

Are you interested in having The Mentoring Project come to your school?  If so, please e-mail us via  We also have many opportunities for you to get involved right now, whether attending or volunteering at one of our events, signing up to mentor or applying for our upcoming summer internship.  

Let's do this!

Bruce Doane