The Mentoring Project Launches Summer Internship

Friends and Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Can you think of anything more exciting than a leader launching her new dream?  We cannot.  We love the "got it" moment in our mentees - that moment of bravery that turns their life in a whole new direction.  

Lots of you want to be brave and help us invest in the lives of young people.  We've been getting lots of inquiries about internship and job opportunities - we love eager entrepreneurs looking for a way to pay it forward!  

We are excited (and a little nervous) to launch a redesigned summer leadership program for social entrepreneurs.  

This internship is different than our past efforts in that it allows interns work with us at the heart of our content development and program creation office here in OKC.  Selected interns will work 30 hours per week, for 10 weeks.  They will get to help shape our yearly Don't Buy the Tie fundraiser, our national Long Live Mentoring conference, launch of our activity line, launch an eBook, connect with weekly local mentoring activities, fundraising, social media and all sorts of stuff that goes into running a nonprofit organization.  Additionally, leadership and business experts will do weekly workshops to hone transferable skills.  Much like other organizations that we admire, we are asking interns to raise support so that they can be paid for their internship work.  We believe understanding and experiencing fundraising is a critical part of doing nonprofit work, can we get an amen???

Our ideal interns are developing thinkers who want to learn more about launching and sustaining either a local or global movement for social change.  The Mentoring Project is both a hyper-local community mentoring program and a global-reaching nonprofit consulting organization. We think we have a little something for those interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit space.

Want to work with us? - The Mentoring Project 2015 Summer Intern Application is available HERE.  Questions? Certainly, there's much more involved than this intro e-mail - please reach out to

Can you help us find the next great minds in mentoring?  

Forward this e-mail to your friend, your nephew, your cousin or your professor.  Let's crowd source an amazing leadership experience.

Long live mentoring,
Kari and Bruce