Scary Close by Donald Miller Hits New York Times Best Seller List!

This past week, The Mentoring Project's founder, Donald Miller, released his first new book in five years, Scary Close.  It is worth the wait.


Scary Close traces Don's journey as someone who lived a safe distance from intimacy, to taking that first risky step. It is a beautiful and challenging memoir of the decision we all face, choosing to be vulnerable to find love and meaning, or staying safely away from it.
This is exactly what we call people at The Mentoring Project to do … to take that first, risky step - and become available for someone else. Every day, we see mentors take this risk and lives are changed because of it. Even more, they themselves are changed. Read Don's new book, Scary Close, and then choose to love without fear.  Scary Close will be your new favorite book.

The best is yet to be,
John Sowers

P.S. Scary Close is already a New York Times Bestseller! It hit the big list right out of the gate.