BOOK CLUB:: Fatherless Generation by John Sowers

We're thrilled that many of you use The Mentoring Project's mentor training portfolio to recruit and train mentors - over 360 communities across North America have used our Mentor Toolkit since it's launch!  

We always strongly recommend pairing FATHERLESS GENERATION with our Mentor Field Guide to maximize the relational focus of mentoring.

Fatherless Generation by John Sowers Kindle version is on sale TODAY!  Go grab this deal - your mentors and community will thank you.  Use Fatherless Generation as an advocacy piece to convince your people that mentoring is the answer.

If you've read Fatherless Generation in the past and felt it was helpful - consider writing a positive review on Amazon.  More positive reviews help shine the light on community building and mentoring.

For the mentors,
The Mentoring Project team