A tribute to those leaving comfort to go love someone ...

Last week, The Mentoring Project was featured over on Storyline blog. John Sowers wrote a post about the people who actually change the world. Focus groups and strategy reviews are important, but the magic happens when people go into the community and lead from the streets.

CLICK HERE to read about mentor extraordinaire, Jill Pfeffer. About corporate leader Jacob Davis who excels in an around-the-clock job and not only mentors, but recruits other mentors as well.  About visionary leader and OKC police force legend Lt. Wayland Cubit who is our close partner in matching mentors to kids who need a champion. Our friends who lead Ubuntu Youth, scrapping together an amazing mentoring program in South Africa, adopting and adapting The Mentoring Project's Mentor Toolkit to a whole new culture - our work at The Mentoring Project allows us to lock arms with some of the most innovative and exciting leaders who lead from the streets, not only from a coffee shop.

Read their stories HERE and use Facebook or Twitter to send this encouraging blog post to your friends who may be unsung leaders, daring to live in the risk of the middle. YOU might be the spark that encourages someone to get in the middle of the change that needs to happen.