NEW VIDEO :: Carey Casey at TMProject's Place Conference

Carey Casey opened The Mentoring Project's Place Conference 2015 with a stirring talk about fatherhood, reconciliation and leadership.  WATCH NOW by clicking the image below.

Place Conference 2015 - presented by The Mentoring Project. Place Conference opened with an inspiring talk by Casey Casey, CEO of the National Center for Fathering. Listen in for his advice on fatherhood, reconciliation and leadership.

Folks from 26 states gathered together in September for The Mentoring Project's PLACE CONFERENCE 2015. We are thrilled to offer a limited release of several speaker videos.  For those who attended, they named Place Conference 2015 a pivot point in their life, an opportunity to renew their commitment to transformative community.

Join us as we again learn immeasurable wisdom from our dear friend, mentor and hero, Carey Casey. Share this video with your friends who need an encouraging nudge to finish strong in 2015.

What did this talk stir in you?