Make Winter Warm - @TMProject Design Contest and Mentoring Opportunity

The Mentoring Project has the privilege of working with the most inspiring mentors and young people. We love speaking words of affirmation over them and lifting their head towards future possibilities.

We are excited to reintroduce an uplifting campaign from last year - MAKE WINTER WARM.  Some of our great kids have a rough time in the winter months because their family budget doesn't always allow for new clothes in the winter.  Adults can usually wear the same clothes from last year, but our mentees are growing fast and strong.  They need new warm clothes each winter for the new height and shape of their growing elementary, jr. high and high school self.  Most of our kids use public transportation to get to school - this means early, dark mornings standing and waiting in the cold.

Last year, The Mentoring Project was thrilled to give each of our mentees a brand new cozy sweatshirt that our mentees actually thought was pretty rad.  We saw the sweatshirts nearly weekly and our kids were encouraged by its style and uplifting message each time they looked in the mirror.

We want to do the Make Winter Warm campaign again and we need your help.

The Mentoring Project loves investing in innovation and collaboration.  This year we are again opening up a design contest to crowd source this project.  We are looking for a sweatshirt design that (1) celebrates mentoring and (2) has a positive, encouraging message for our mentees wearing the shirt.  

Last year's design winner was Nathan Davis with the slogan TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU.

What is your design idea for this year?  We cannot wait!  Submit your 2015 designs and questions to  The design contest kicks off October 15th and final submissions are due Monday, November 9th.

What's in it for YOU?  

We want to thank you for helping us inspire our mentees by offering a bigger prize package this year.  The winning designer will receive:

  • A one hour google hangout mentoring session with Vernon Deas, founder and lead designer of award winning GRPFLY Clothing
  • National promotion on @TMProject social platforms
  • A $75 gift card to The Mentoring Project's resource and merch store

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!

Want more details about The Mentoring Project's 2015 Winter Warm Design Contest - submit your contact info below:

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2014 Winter Warm Winning Design