LONG LIVE MENTORING // Adam & Kizzie // Storyteller Spotlight

She used to sing for Disney.  They both developed their musical influences in India, but that's not how Adam & Kizzie began. They were first buddies in high school.  After high school, each went their separate way and were out of touch for some years.  An internet connection brought them back together - they shared an affinity for music in high school and that was the common ground they built upon when their paths crossed again.  Both magnetically talented - a band was born, then a marriage blossomed.  

Drawing on elements of theater, storytelling and a wide range of musical influences, Adam and Kizzie call their brand of music "EEDO."  "It is a word of our own creation that signifies the freedom to operate outside the boundaries. It’s an eclectic blend.  We have really diverse influences, so our music is kind of like thrift-store shopping... We cover all the ground, music-wise" explains Adam.  "We write stuff that others can relate to; we make it for everybody. We want to, in some way, touch someone with our music. It’ll make you think; it’ll make you feel; and even if it makes you cry,  you'll feel good afterward" Kizzie adds.

We cannot wait for you to experience the groovy-uplifting rhythms of Adam & Kizzie!