ART + Inspiration + Hoodies = Winter Warmth

Baby it's cold outside...  

During the winter months, many of our mentees do not have proper cold weather gear.  Some do not have warm layers and some do not have the right fit (too floppy & big / too tight & little).  Some of our mentees have only ever had hand-me-down clothes.  We want to surprise our guys and gals with slick hoodies that are warm and fit just right.

YOU can give a child or teenager a winter hoodie that is cozy and new!  

Some of our mentees work pretty hard to stay warm.  Will you surprise them with a brand new hoodie???  There are three ways to get involved:

We are looking for an edgy hoodie design that will be inspirational to our middle and high school students.  You guys are rad artists - share your ideas!  We'll pick the design winner the morning of December 8th.  If you win, we'll give you mad props on our website and all of our TMProject social media.  Get design guidelines and submission suggestions by e-mail to  Jump to it - submit your design proposal by midnight December 7th.

Our cost per hoodie is $23.00.  Will you donate to the hoodie fund to cover the cost of a hoodie or two? You can help our mentees ring in the holidays warm and toasty.  Get together with your friends and make this memory instead of another round of morning lattes.  Let's do this together! 

Use your Facebook feed for good - suggest that your friends get involved in this hoodie collaboration.  Know a talented artist?  Send her this e-mail.  Know an activist? Send him this e-mail.  Post this link on every platform you've got.



Artists / Typography Wizards / Quote Masters, this is your canvas!  The hoodie will be heather gray with black sleeves and black hood.  The screen print will be one color - you suggest the color!  By submitting your design, you are giving The Mentoring Project full permission to post, use or not use your art.  We're good guys and we will give you mad props for your work on as many platforms as we can command.  Submit your design ideas to by midnight, December 7th.  Let's do this!