- LONG LIVE MENTORING // Storytellers


We are so excited that Long Live Mentoring is almost here!  On July 25-26th our crew will be inspired by some of the most dynamic and accomplished speakers in North America.  But, we aren't asking our speakers for their most polished presentation, we are asking for them to share intimately from their hearts - as such, we are calling them the Long Live Mentoring STORYTELLERS.  

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- LONG LIVE MENTORING // Charlie Hall // Storyteller Spotlight

LONG LIVE MENTORING // Charlie Hall // Storyteller Spotlight

Charlie is a Dove Award-winning songwriter/pastor based in Oklahoma City. Charlie is the Pastor of Worship Arts and Liturgy at Frontline Church (venue for Long Live Mentoring 2014). He has been writing songs for the Church and leading congregations across the world for more than 20 years - you may have seen him at Passion conference and events.  

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