- OKC #MentorMoment - Bulls Eye May 16th

We're gearing up for another #MentorMoment - This time we'll test our skills with a bow and arrow at Crystal Lake - the newly renovated target range and park in southwest Oklahoma City.  

Come join The Mentoring Project as lots of OKC mentors and mentees try archery for the very first time!  Prizes for anyone who hits a bulls eye - lunch for everyone whether or not you ever contact the target.  It's going to be a beautiful day in the park - we cannot wait!

Will you and your mentee join us for lunch and archery?   If yes, RSVP to advocate@thementoringproject.org
When:  Saturday May 16, 2015 from 11:00am to 1:30pm.  
Where:  Crystal Lake located at 6625 SW 15th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73128

We look forward to seeing you there!
Long live mentoring, 
Team @TMProject

- Long Live Mentoring :: Paul from Ohio

Long Live Mentoring :: Paul from Ohio

As we gear up for #LongLiveMentoring 2015, we want to share with you some of the experiences and insights from last year’s conference.  It was a wonderful three-day event in Oklahoma City full of inspiration, increased relationship and practical mentoring resources. 

Today we feature Paul Hemminger, who drove from Columbus, Ohio to attend our LONG LIVE MENTORING 2014.

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- Mentee's Favorite Thing is "EVERYTHING" {Mentor Moment Video}

Mentee's Favorite Thing is "EVERYTHING" {Mentor Moment Video}

The Mentoring Project regularly presents Mentor Moments as an exciting opportunity to keep individual mentors connected to the wider mentoring community.  Mentor Moments are key to our mentor development programming.  Mentors who feel connected to something bigger than their individual efforts stay in their match significantly longer - ultimately benefiting kids and giving relationships a chance to grow.  

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- Grand Entrances :: by Daniel De Jesus

Grand Entrances :: by Daniel De Jesus

I was 16 weeks old when my parents split. I’d been breathing in the best air quality inner-city Chicago had to offer for a total of 4 months before they decided to close the curtain on their five year marriage. So much for my grand entrance. If that doesn’t bruise the ego, I don’t know what does.

I’m 30 now and I’m still not completely sure of the reason my mom and dad decided to end their 5-year marriage. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve asked many times over the years and have gotten pieces of what I believe to be the truth. But I still haven’t received the answer I’ve been looking for. Maybe I never will. I’ve asked my mom and my dad individually (who were obviously too close to the story to be objective). I’ve asked my brother (who was a few years older than me at the time of the divorce, granting him a string of memories of my parent’s relationship that I lack and envy). I’ve even asked many other family members and close family friends. And, interestingly enough, each of these people had their own version of the sequence of events leading up to dissolution of our little family. Who was I supposed to believe?

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- BOOK CLUB:: Fatherless Generation by John Sowers

BOOK CLUB:: Fatherless Generation by John Sowers

We're thrilled that many of you use The Mentoring Project's mentor training portfolio to recruit and train mentors - over 360 communities across North America have used our Mentor Toolkit since it's launch!  

We always strongly recommend pairing FATHERLESS GENERATION with our Mentor Field Guide to maximize the relational focus of mentoring.

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- The Mentoring Project Launches Summer Internship

The Mentoring Project Launches Summer Internship

Can you think of anything more exciting than a leader launching her new dream?  We cannot.  We love the "got it" moment in our mentees - that moment of bravery that turns their life in a whole new direction.  

Lots of you want to be brave and help us invest in the lives of young people.  We've been getting lots of inquiries about internship and job opportunities - we love eager entrepreneurs looking for a way to pay it forward!  

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- 10 Questions for a T-shirt

Oklahoma Friends,
Thank you so much for being interested in and invested in mentoring.  The Mentoring Project OKC staff is working out our programming and priorities for the rest of 2015.

If you answer these 10 quick questions, we'll thank you by sending you a free t-shirt form The Mentoring Project ($22 value).
Let's all work together to make Oklahoma the BEST place to be a young person.

Long live mentoring,

- Long Live Mentoring 2015 :: Gaining Steam

Long Live Mentoring 2015 :: Gaining Steam

Things are booming behind the scenes as we are planning an amazing experience for you. Our speaker schedule is SLAMMED with incredible, inspiring folks who will be your new favorite (or remain your very favorite) people on the planet.  We've incorporated your feedback to make this year's experience even more authentic, communal, informative and full of practical "start here" steps.  You will walk away illuminated and connected.  Now, all we need is a time machine to get us to September already!

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- Emmanuel and Mentoring

Emmanuel and Mentoring

God’s heart and intention to be with us is never louder than at the Incarnation of Christ, the miracle Christmas birth of Immanuel, God WITH US. God demonstrates a desire for radical “with-ness,” the “with-ness” that had not been fully restored since the Garden of Eden, when God walked with Adam and Eve in the “cool of the day.” God again desires to be close to his people, to us. Jesus by prophetic name is “God with us,” and he promises to be with us until the end. That’s why at The Mentoring Project, we want every fatherless child to have a caring mentor. 

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- #GivingTuesday - This Can Be Gang Prevention

#GivingTuesday - This Can Be Gang Prevention

The Mentoring Project is proud and grateful to serve the Oklahoma City Police Department Gang Prevention Unit to recruit, train and match mentors with high risk youth.  Every day, we see heroic police officers serve their community, offering hope and second chances to high-risk youth.  When they identify a young man or woman who needs a mentor and a life change, we make it happen.  

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