- [Last Chance] Place Conference Main Sessions $99 until midnight September 1

[Last Chance] Place Conference Main Sessions $99 until midnight September 1

The Mentoring Project has assembled the team you need to transform your home and community.  

What environmental factors do all teenagers respond to? What do you need to know before your community will get behind your new idea? How can individuals be agents of grace and reconciliation?  Place Conference speakers have these answers.

You have less than 48 hours to lock in a $99 ticket to Place Conference Main Sessions.

No other conference gives you such intimate access to the speakers and national community giving their lives to healthy relationships, mentoring and reconciliation.  Trends may come and go, but Place Conference speakers have planted their flag on these issues. Hear them live, and learn how their stories and missions overlap.

This experience is the launch point you've been looking for.  These are the friends you are looking for.  Register HERE.  

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- Rosanna Tomiuk - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

Rosanna Tomiuk - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

Meet Rosanna Tomiuk. Rosanna is: a silver medalist with the Canadian Water Polo team, a singer / songwriter, and a mentor and spokesperson for Love Montreal - a community movement making Montreal a city of great neighbors. Rosanna will be sharing her story and some of her music with us this year at PLACE. Find out more and reserve your seat here: www.thementoringproject.org/place-conference

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- Rob Morris - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

Rob Morris - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

What does human trafficking have to do with mentoring? A LOT according to #Place2015 speaker Rob Morris. Rob Morris is the President and Co-founder of Love146, an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and survivor care. Rob and his team are a force to be reckoned with - roaring into communities across the globe with compassion, healing and protection for vulnerable children. At The Mentoring Project's Place Conference, Rob will give details about how communities with strong mentors, standing sentry, are demonstratively less likely to have young girls and boys trafficked into the global sex market. Come to #Place2015 to find out how communities can build "mentor walls" to keep children out of being manipulated or kidnapped into this brutal underground market. Register for Place Conference - tickets via www.thementoringproject.org/place-conference


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- Brandon Heath - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

Brandon Heath - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

Join The Mentoring Project and Brandon Heath for an evening of starlight, acoustic music by Brandon and a chance to get the inside scoop on community initiatives brewing for The Mentoring Project. Our "Influencer's Dinner" is geared towards those who wish to point their influence or resources towards building communities where all kids can find their Place. 

Last year, we were honored to support Brandon's launch of his Paul Brown Petty song and campaign to champion kids who need a mentor. Brandon was blessed to have his grandfather build into his life. At The Mentoring Project, we want to introduce kids to a champion mentor who can help them walk toward their best future. 

Please join us for our rooftop "Influencer's Dinner" Wednesday night, September 23rd at #‎Place2015‬. Your only ‪chance to hear Brandon perform will be Wednesday night - this will be an evening to remember!

We love this song by Brandon about how mentoring changes things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1MHla0Z0yM

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- MARTIN NATURE PARK HIKE - #MENTORMOMENT August 2015 hosted by @TMProject + @ParksInFocus

MARTIN NATURE PARK HIKE - #MENTORMOMENT August 2015 hosted by @TMProject + @ParksInFocus

This past weekend The Mentoring Project hosted a Mentor Moment at Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City in conjunction with Parks In Focus staff.

We dished out digital cameras to mentor + mentee pairs and Parks in Focus lead us on a guided hike through the very scenic property in North Oklahoma City.  

Participants learned photography hallmarks like perspective, focus and zoom along with a variety  of digital photography strategies.  The one thing we didn't need to discuss was "selfies"- these kids are already pros in that area.     

This past weekend The Mentoring Project hosted a Mentor Moment at Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City in conjunction with Parks In Focus staff.

Parks In Focus aims to introduce youth to the wonders of nature and the joys of outdoor exploration through the medium of a camera's lens.  Their staff dished out digital cameras to mentor / mentee pairs and lead us on a guided hike through the very scenic property in North Oklahoma City.  

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Annie Downs is brave - in fact, with her #letsallbebravebook and movement, she's been nudging young people towards authenticity and belonging that can only come on the other side of bravely joining community. Annie is a sports fanatic and mentors college and professional baseball players. 

At PLACE, Annie will talk about making space for young people, college students especially, to learn who they are under the accepting guidance of the adults around them. You may have read one of Annie's books: Let's All Be Brave, Perfectly Unique or Speak Love - come hear Annie and all other #Place2015 speakers LIVE on stage this September. Register now at tmp.webconnex.com/place 

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Rolling out the first photo deck of speakers for ‪#‎Place2015‬ - these folks have given their lives and talent to putting more seats at the community table. YES to reconciliation. YES to overcoming. YES to worthiness. YES to honesty. YES to bravery. YES to vision. YES to mentoring. YES to your whole self. YES to inviting public spaces. YES to powerful women. YES to children being important. YES to championing young men of color. YES to building communities where we each have a PLACE. Come join these speakers and others at PLACE to open the door to your own transformative contribution. Who will you bring to the table?

Register here:  tmp.webconnex.com/place

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Joshua DuBois is former White House Director of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the author of the bestselling book, The President’s Devotional. Joshua is one of our leading voices on community partnerships, religion in the public square and issues impacting African American men. He also spearheads the White House’s work on responsible fatherhood, grassroots community partnerships and religion in foreign affairs, and brought together diverse religious leaders to tackle the nation’s most pressing challenges.

Joshua now leads a consulting firm, Values Partnerships, that creates faith-based and community partnerships for the public, private and non-profit sectors, teaches at Princeton University, and is the religion and values columnist for The Daily Beast. 

Come hear Joshua champion mentoring and young men of color at #PLACE2015 Conference. Register now: tmp.webconnex.com/place

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You have leadership burning inside of you - Place Conference Action Workshop will equip you to transform your community

You care about your community.  You want to create more opportunities for deserving kids.  You are connected with The Mentoring Project because these things are your heartbeat.

You need to be at Place Conference to focus your vision as you receive community building, relationship, mentoring and reconciliation ideas from luminaries like Bob Goff, Sister Rosemary, Dr. John Perkins, Rob Morris, Rosanna Tomiuk, John Sowers and Lt. Wayland Cubit and others bulldozing obstacles to create a safe Place for kids to rise.

Post Place Action Workshop - Saturday, September 26th - is the opportunity for you to shine.  Practitioners who are in the field everyday working to reinvent their communities will be giving brief presentations, weighty how-to lists and connecting with you in small groups to draw up an expert-influenced action plan for how you can impact your community.

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Time Magazine recently named Sister Rosemary as one of the "100 Most Influential People" in the world. Sister Rosemary has given hope to young women scarred by war - and has openly defied Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Since 2002, Sister Rosemary has enrolled more than 2,000 girls who had been previously abducted by the LRA or abandoned by their families. She has taught these brave girls to make their own clothes, grow their own food, learn a valuable trade, and show mercy to others that are less fortunate. Even more, she has taught them how to forgive, love and live again.

Come hear Sister Rosemary share her story of hope. Register today: http://www.thementoringproject.org/place-conference

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"Love is the final fight." ~ Dr. John Perkins.

We are deeply honored to have Dr. John Perkins as a keynote speaker at the PLACE Conference. He is the son of Mississippi sharecroppers and grew up fatherless. He fled Mississippi when his brother was killed by a police officer. He is the author of nine books, holds 13 honorary doctorates, and is one of the leading voices on reconciliation and the American civil rights movement. He is one of our greatest leaders and brightest lights.

Register for PLACE here: https://tmp.webconnex.com/place

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School will soon be back in session, which means Fall semester programming is right around the corner.  This is a really exciting time of year for The Mentoring Project as we settle back into matching and overseeing mentors and mentees at two gang prevention program sites here in Oklahoma City.  

The kids are on our hearts as they prepare for school in the coming weeks.  One of our mentors brought to our attention a church in town that is hosting a Backpacks for Kids event, one that will allow students and families to stock up on school supplies before being back in the classroom.  It made us think there are probably several of those events happening in the next few weeks, so we did some research.

HERE is a list of school supply / backpack drive events happening in the OKC metro area in the months of July and August.*  

Mentors, this could be a great way to show support and interest in your mentee's schooling efforts.  Remember, we become like the people we hang around and your spirit is contagious to them!  Your encouragement in this area of their life could make a huge difference.      

We're excited to start building out some other fun goals for mentor / mentee interactions this semester.  What are some other ways you can think of to intersect your mentee's educational and extracurricular activities experiences this school year?  Let us know with a comment below.    


*For those of you not based in the Oklahoma City area, you can easily find Back to School events in your community with a basic Google search.  

- Watching the Highlight Reel [video]

Renowned Dallas Cowboys chaplain and CEO of the National Center for Fathering, Carey Casey, sat down with The Mentoring Project to talk about the power of walking with someone you care about.  Carey tells the insider story of how we all just want help us celebrating our "highlight reel" - even successful, professional athletes.

This quick video will inspire you to exercise the power of presence in someone else's life.  Who can you show up for this week?  Watch and share this video with a mentor, teacher or coach as a way to affirm how they show up and celebrate the highlight reel for kids who need a friendly face in the stands, classroom or community.

Long live mentoring,
TMProject Staff


We are humbled by the support of "Don't Buy the Tie!" 
Your blogs, tweets, posts and pictures made this one of the most successful Father's Day campaigns ever! People signed up to become mentors, donations came from 36 states + DC and Canada, lots of dads and mentors received heartfelt tributes of thanks. Many churches all over the country caught onto the advocacy idea as well - they wore bad ties to church, took pictures, and donated to support The Mentoring Project. Because of Don't Buy the Tie, we are able to recruit more mentors for our gang prevention partnership in OKC. We hit our recruitment goal MONTHS ahead of schedule - thanks to you and Don't Buy the Tie 2015.

Thank you for your continued support of The Mentoring Project - as we rewrite the fatherless story through mentoring together.
The best is yet to be! 
John Sowers

P.S. Want to see some of the epic social media posts in support of Don't Buy the Tie? Head on over to The Mentoring Project's Facebook page --> click here.

- Autographed Books for Father's Day #dontbuythetie

You guys are making our Father's Day Don't Buy the Tie campaign a great on-ramp for supporting mentors. THANK YOU.  

For ONLY $10 A MONTH folks are sending their Dad/Mentor autographed books, new-fresh music and award-winning Tanager whole bean coffee. 

Can you imagine how thrilled your Dad/Mentor will be to open an AUTOGRAPHED copy of If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Tworkowski, When Justice Rolls Down by Dr. John Perkins, Heroic Path by John Sowers or Scary Close by Donald Miller? Collectors items!

Check out autographed books and all of the Father's Day gift options at dontbuythetie.com.  

Gift, give, DONE.