- Dinosaur BONES @TMPRoject #MentorMoment Saturday, January 23rd

Amazing Oklahoma Mentors,
Your mentees are going to LOVE this Mentor Moment! Next weekend, we are rounding up mentors and mentees to experience a guided tour of one of the nation's most exclusive and well know private collections of DINOSAUR BONES. Yep, like the big guys that used to rule the earth.

Our tour will be guided by Jeff who coordinates National Geographic paleontologist supervised digs in multiple states. His stories are hard to believe, but all true.  
If your mentee loves science (or if you WISH your mentee could love science) this is a morning they will never forget.  Only a limited number of mentor/mentee pairs can attend this private tour, Q&A and hands on activity extravaganza so please sign up quickly.
The address for this #MentorMoment will be released to those who RSVP yes before the event fills up. 

January #MentorMoment presented by The Mentoring Project

  • Saturday, January 23rd
  • 10:00am to 11:30am
  • Downtown OKC
  • RSVP to advocate@thementoringproject.org
  • We are excited to see you there!!!

Kari & Team @TMProject

- @TMProject OKC Mentor Training - January 21st 6:00pm

Start the new year investing in your community. What legacy are you building? 

January is National Mentoring Month. We need you in the game. We have incredible kids eagerly waiting for a mentor and that mentor can be YOU.

The Mentoring Project is hosting a volunteer and mentor training Thursday, January 21st to get more Oklahoma leadership directly involved in the lives of the next generation.  

A TMProject volunteer is a caring adult committed to helping kids and The Mentoring Project 1-2 hours a month. A mentor commits to 1-2 hours a week. Where do you fit in?

Join us for pizza and our nationally recognized relational mentor training 6:00pm to 8:0pm hosted alongside our friends at Life.Church NWOKC, located at 5821 NW Expressway OKC 73118. RSVP YES to advocate@thementoringproject.org with your name and number of people attending.

Long live mentoring,
Team TMProject

P.S. Already in youth ministry? Amazing! Bring your team to participate in this relational mentor training that will benefit the program you already serve.

- Launch @TMProject Mentors Into a Great New Year

Dear friend,
As I look back on 2015 - I am proud and humbled by your generosity. Your generous support is fueling a global movement - a movement that is transforming the lives of at-risk children through life-on-life, caring relationships. Every day, we see children doing better socially, children avoiding gangs and drug abuse, graduating from high school with honors and going to college. Because of your support, these children have a better life.  
In 2016, we would love for you to support a mentor. Your gift of $10/month will recruit, train and match mentors with at risk children. Also, by giving $10/month, you will be entered into a drawing to hang out with us at Donald Miller's house in Nashville. Find out more about Don's house party and donate today at: thementoringprojectcommunity.org
Happy New Year,

- Exciting Year End Programming Update - The Mentoring Project @TMProject

Exciting Year End Programming Update - The Mentoring Project @TMProject

Both for our own partner sites and for other mentoring organizations. We match mentors ourselves and freely give away hundreds of other mentors - as we know that it "lifts the city" where we work. Each one of these trainings takes 9-12 months of preparation time, working with partners, church leaders, and making sure we have the right people in the room and the right follow-up plan in place. In less than three years, we have had some 3000 people go through our mentor trainings - in the following places: Oklahoma City (1500+). Our largest local mentor training was Life.Church Edmond with nearly 500 people in attendance.  

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DowntownOKC, Inc. has graciously agreed to sponsor this event as we visit the Devon Ice Rink for our December Mentor Moment.  The Mentoring Project has taken mentor / mentee pairs ice skating the last two years in a row, and this activity is a favorite among our group.  We're excited to slip and slide on the ice one more time as we carry on the tradition.  



Are you and your mentee interested in joining us at this Mentor Moment?  RSVP by e-mailing your name along with your mentee's name and age to advocate@thementoringproject.org.

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In less than two weeks, The Mentoring Project will entertain our next Mentor Moment at RedPin Restaurant and Bowling Lounge. This is the second year in a row for bowling festivities at RedPin as they have graciously stepped up to sponsor mentors and mentees once again. There will be plenty of food and drinks to go around, so come hungry and prepare for a night of strikes!

WHEN: Thursday October 29, 2015 - 6:00PM to 8:00PM

WHERE: RedPin Restaurant & Bowling Lounge located at 200 S Oklahoma Avenue | Suite X Oklahoma City, OK 73104

If you would like to attend this event please RSVP by e-mailing your name along with your mentee's name and age to advocate@thementoringproject.org.  Because of lane restrictions there are 48 open slots for this activity, so hurry to get your name on the list! 

Hope to see you soon!

Team TMProject



- Make Winter Warm - @TMProject Design Contest and Mentoring Opportunity

Make Winter Warm - @TMProject Design Contest and Mentoring Opportunity

We are excited to reintroduce an uplifting campaign from last year - WINTER WARM.  Some of our great kids have a rough time in the winter months because their family budget doesn't always allow for new clothes in the winter.  While as adults we can usually wear their same clothes from last year, our mentees are growing fast and strong.  They need new warm clothes each winter for the new height and shape of their growing elementary, jr. high and high school self.  Most of our kids use public transportation to get to school - this means early, dark mornings standing and waiting in the cold.

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- What to do Wednesday - OKC Exploration Pre #PlaceOKC Conference

We have 300 people total who will join together for an intimate and community focused Place Conference. Folks are traveling from 26 states and five countries!  If you are one of our traveling friends, this blog is for you!  If you arrive on Wednesday, you will have an opportunity to see beautiful Oklahoma City.  Here is a "staff favorite" list of some of the most unique things to do and see in OKC:

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    - Rosanna Tomiuk - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

    Rosanna Tomiuk - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

    Meet Rosanna Tomiuk. Rosanna is: a silver medalist with the Canadian Water Polo team, a singer / songwriter, and a mentor and spokesperson for Love Montreal - a community movement making Montreal a city of great neighbors. Rosanna will be sharing her story and some of her music with us this year at PLACE. Find out more and reserve your seat here: www.thementoringproject.org/place-conference

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    - Rob Morris - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

    Rob Morris - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

    What does human trafficking have to do with mentoring? A LOT according to #Place2015 speaker Rob Morris. Rob Morris is the President and Co-founder of Love146, an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through prevention and survivor care. Rob and his team are a force to be reckoned with - roaring into communities across the globe with compassion, healing and protection for vulnerable children. At The Mentoring Project's Place Conference, Rob will give details about how communities with strong mentors, standing sentry, are demonstratively less likely to have young girls and boys trafficked into the global sex market. Come to #Place2015 to find out how communities can build "mentor walls" to keep children out of being manipulated or kidnapped into this brutal underground market. Register for Place Conference - tickets via www.thementoringproject.org/place-conference


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    - Brandon Heath - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

    Brandon Heath - Place Conference 2015 #Place2015

    Join The Mentoring Project and Brandon Heath for an evening of starlight, acoustic music by Brandon and a chance to get the inside scoop on community initiatives brewing for The Mentoring Project. Our "Influencer's Dinner" is geared towards those who wish to point their influence or resources towards building communities where all kids can find their Place. 

    Last year, we were honored to support Brandon's launch of his Paul Brown Petty song and campaign to champion kids who need a mentor. Brandon was blessed to have his grandfather build into his life. At The Mentoring Project, we want to introduce kids to a champion mentor who can help them walk toward their best future. 

    Please join us for our rooftop "Influencer's Dinner" Wednesday night, September 23rd at #‎Place2015‬. Your only ‪chance to hear Brandon perform will be Wednesday night - this will be an evening to remember!

    We love this song by Brandon about how mentoring changes things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1MHla0Z0yM

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    - MARTIN NATURE PARK HIKE - #MENTORMOMENT August 2015 hosted by @TMProject + @ParksInFocus

    MARTIN NATURE PARK HIKE - #MENTORMOMENT August 2015 hosted by @TMProject + @ParksInFocus

    This past weekend The Mentoring Project hosted a Mentor Moment at Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City in conjunction with Parks In Focus staff.

    We dished out digital cameras to mentor + mentee pairs and Parks in Focus lead us on a guided hike through the very scenic property in North Oklahoma City.  

    Participants learned photography hallmarks like perspective, focus and zoom along with a variety  of digital photography strategies.  The one thing we didn't need to discuss was "selfies"- these kids are already pros in that area.     

    This past weekend The Mentoring Project hosted a Mentor Moment at Martin Nature Park in Oklahoma City in conjunction with Parks In Focus staff.

    Parks In Focus aims to introduce youth to the wonders of nature and the joys of outdoor exploration through the medium of a camera's lens.  Their staff dished out digital cameras to mentor / mentee pairs and lead us on a guided hike through the very scenic property in North Oklahoma City.  

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    Annie Downs is brave - in fact, with her #letsallbebravebook and movement, she's been nudging young people towards authenticity and belonging that can only come on the other side of bravely joining community. Annie is a sports fanatic and mentors college and professional baseball players. 

    At PLACE, Annie will talk about making space for young people, college students especially, to learn who they are under the accepting guidance of the adults around them. You may have read one of Annie's books: Let's All Be Brave, Perfectly Unique or Speak Love - come hear Annie and all other #Place2015 speakers LIVE on stage this September. Register now at tmp.webconnex.com/place 

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    Rolling out the first photo deck of speakers for ‪#‎Place2015‬ - these folks have given their lives and talent to putting more seats at the community table. YES to reconciliation. YES to overcoming. YES to worthiness. YES to honesty. YES to bravery. YES to vision. YES to mentoring. YES to your whole self. YES to inviting public spaces. YES to powerful women. YES to children being important. YES to championing young men of color. YES to building communities where we each have a PLACE. Come join these speakers and others at PLACE to open the door to your own transformative contribution. Who will you bring to the table?

    Register here:  tmp.webconnex.com/place

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